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Group ConCensus™ Sessions defy the old adages, "You can't design by committee," and, "Too many cooks spoil the broth."

Choices. Every day, every person - male, female, young, old… and groups of people - friends, relatives, teammates, business associates… all are faced with continual barrages of choices. Deciding which are more important to pursue is the basis for all action and allocation of resources — time, money, space, and energy.

Prioritization. Prioritizing choices and issues dramatically improves one's perspective and helps to alleviate 'second-thoughts', paving the way for more efficient, decisive action.

Group Prioritization… is the elusive keystone of human interaction. Achieving consensus via group prioritization is critical to successful launching and completion of complex projects. It reinforces employee and community relations. It pours oil over troubled waters, reducing the risk of strikes, battles, and even all-out war.

Look familiar?

ConCensus™ Sessions enable groups of people to come to unanimous agreement prioritizing factors of complex or controversial issues in extremely short periods of time.

"It's a solution in search of a problem."


Why ConCensus with a C?