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Business.  Opportunities within the corporate world are legion. Meetings occupy a substantial percentage of every business day, during which myriad people debate and ultimately structure:

Personal.  There is a world of personal choices that dominate our time that can be facilitated individually or in small groups:

Health Care.  Hospitals run 24/7 and are staffed with an entire panorama of people from skilled professionals to volunteers. In sessions averaging 8-10 participants, employees meet and prepare 'road maps' for management and administration to identify and solve issues in the areas of:

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Government & Non-Profit Groups.  In these arenas the dynamics of human inter-relationships dominate lives. Boards and other groups must efficiently and sincerely solve issue and policy prioritization on a continuing basis. Careers are often dependent upon elections won or lost by sensitive issue prioritization. Fertile areas include:

Education.  ConCensus™ inspires a culture of collaboration and promotes conflict resolution. It encourages diversity by opening communication channels at all age levels.

Associations.  Associations represent unique opportunities for our system because of their very nature and raison-d'être. [handshake]By definition, they bring together groups of institutions or companies with common overall goals. Some meet annually in a major convention environment, where they set and communicate policy decisions that affect entire industries. In addition to many of the government and non-profit benefits of ConCensus™ mentioned above, the process is helpful to associations for:

Market Research/Design.   Helps clients to prioritize design factors during conceptualization phase. In the arena, choices are what the 'game' is all about:

Property Management.  Similar, but much more politically volatile is the world of Homeowner Associations, Condo & Co-op Boards, Merchant Associations, etc. They are continually besieged with prioritization issues… and especially issues of conflict resolution.

This is where ConCensus™ thrives. This is where it can save developers alone major dollars by defusing issues at turnover-time. This is where it can empower entire communities, replacing aggravation with harmony.

     Written Testimonial, Mariner's Cove HOA

There are many ways to understand the value and implications of the ConCensus™ Process. Above we elaborate on the uses within certain 'Markets'. But there are also a number of styles, or 'Flavors', of the ConCensus™ Process that cross market lines. These 'Flavors' affect the tone of the presentation, the demeanor of the moderator, the pre-amble at the beginning and the de-briefing at the end… the base pictures used during the comparison phase, and, in some cases, even pre-determine the factors included in the session.