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A live ConCensus™ session.

General Price List

Motiva/ConCensus developed the ConCensus™ system to enable large groups of people to come to unanimous consensus when prioritizing complex or controversial issues in short amounts of time.

Base Sessions*

Up to 2 hours: $750 + $10 per person
Each additional hour: $250 + $5 per person

* Base sessions under 100 participants include equipment


Travel Expenses are additional and are billed assuming coach airfare for two plus your standard corporate employee per-diem, hotel, and mileage allocations


Pre-Planning meetings:$350 (up to 2 hours per meeting)
        Each Additional Hour: $150

Post Sessions/Analysis/Debriefings: $125 per hour

Matrix Reports of Sessions: Included in Session Price

Package Contracts/Custom Services: Contact Us (212-753-1888)

Our P.I.E.™ Package Contracts feature a three-prong evolution:

    PILOT PROGRAM (identifying administrative/managerial goals, orientation, pre-planning and departmental sampling)

    IMMERSION (company/division-wide sessions conducted by Con-Census™ facilitators)

    EMANCIPATION (training/certification of designated client facilitators, licensing software installed on client's computers)

Custom Services include major Conventions and Custom Software/Processes for specialized applications


We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.