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ConCensus™ is a process that typically includes a facilitator, a ConCensus™ device (a computerized hardware/software package), an LCD projector, a screen, and an audience of participants.

Factors input during a ConCensus™ session are automated into a matrix internally, then all possible combinations are voted upon, within pairs, by the participating group.

The 'votes' are electronically tabulated and the factors are re-ordered into a hierarchy of prioritization. This is then disseminated to the participants.

In facilitated sessions… A moderator first calls the group to order and then explains the Psychology of Choice and the Psychology of ConCensus™.

During the ConCensus™ sessions the entire audience participates. It's very interactive. There are three phases to the whole process… LIST, COMPARE, and MATRIX. A 'STATISTICS' page summarizes the basic information on the session and the Elapsed Timings.

ALLOCATIONS of time, money, space, energy, manpower, etc. may then be determined by the participants during an Asset Allocation phase.

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Factor Entry:
In most live ConCensus™ sessions (other than specific market research — design or feature comparison, contest entry judging, etc.) the factors to be compared originate with the participants via the moderator. This is an important part of the personal empowerment aspect of the process.

Comparisons are then made by that audience, which votes as a group, selecting one out of each presented pair as the session progresses.

In most situations, tallying of 'votes' proceeds with ease no matter what the size of the assembled group. Show of hands or breaking down into sub-groups to enable easy counting is usually all that is necessary, since most comparisons are obvious and unequal.

The dynamic and open comparison phase contributes greatly to the success of the sessions.

As the last comparison is made, ConCensus™ presents the prioritized matrix to the audience. All of the comparisons are shown in a grid format so one can see how each pair of choices was made. ConCensus™ automatically re-casts the entire lot in order of the final prioritization and also shows the original order that the factors were presented.

At the end, the resulting matrix is interpreted and printed copies may be distributed or transmitted via PDFs over the internet to those who are authorized. Reports that normally take weeks or months can thus be received within hours of the session.

ConCensus™ Variations:

Derivative products/services include:

ConCensus™ TimeTask: facilitates rapid determination of accurate time-to-task analysis.

ConCensus™ AssetAllocation: fosters group involvement in budgeting funds, space, time, energy and manpower.

ConCensus™ Conflict: ameliorates inter-departmental disputes.

ConCensus™ Cumulative: allows widely separated groups to register as one entity.

ConCensus™ Charrette: works with pictorial and graphic input in focus groups.

ConCensus™ Community: works in the Public & Private sector for Visioning sessions.

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