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The following is a list of Motiva/ConCensus clients utilizing the ConCensus™ process during multi-image or video show development. Those with red asterisks (*) utilized the ConCensus™ process independently as a solution to group decision-making.


Museum of the City of New York (7 shows)
American Museum of Natural History (3 shows)
Staten Island Children's Museum
Smithsonian Institute: National Air and Space Museum
South Street Seaport Museum
Fine Arts Museum of Long Island
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Arts of Winston-Salem
Whitney Museum of American Art
Hayden Planetarium
Nassau County Courthouse


American Can Company (17 shows)
Academic American Encyclopedias
Adcahb Life Group*, Adam's World*
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     Written Testimonial
Lackmann Foods
Yale Industrial Trucks
Fairchild Industrial Products
Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Company
United Technologies Power Systems Division
United Technologies Automotive
Bon Appetit Magazine
Westinghouse Electric
Cordis Pacemakers
Howe Furniture
Travel/Holiday Magazine
Armstrong Corporation
Marine Midland
Aetna Life & Casualty
Ohio Bell
IBM* (Human Resource Pilots)
First Union National Bank
National Bank of North America
Automotive Industry Action Group
First Boston Corporation
Manufacturer's Hanover
First National City Bank


Federation Employment & Guidance Service
Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture
Fur Conservation Institute of America
Certified Pest Control Operators Association*
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Mariner's Cove Homeowner's Association*
     Written Testimonial
Diamond Industry Association
Sullivan County's Catskills
Tri-County Business Association*
Human Resources Association of Broward County — 'Trends 2001'*
United Way
Lake Point (3 shows)



Plantation General Hospital*
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Nursing Leadership Institute — FAU*
Palm HealthCare Foundation*
HIV CARE Council*
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Treasure Coast Health Council*
Martin County Community Health Planning Initiative*

Government Agencies

U.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. Department of Labor
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Environmental Protection Agency
Naval Air Development Center
State of West Virginia
Nassau County Village Officer's Association*
Broward County Millenium Summit*
Palm Beach County Workforce 2020*
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City of Raleigh Planning Department*
City of Coral Springs*
City of Davie*
     Written Testimonial
City of Delray Beach*
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Hollywood Beach Alliance*
Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce*
Village of Hewlett Neck
Village of Hewlett Bay Park


Bill Moyer's "Creativity" Series
    (Emmy Certificate — 17 shows)
Entertainment Channel: "Just for Fun" (90 shows)
National Association of Recording Merchandisers
CBS Radio      CBS Records
"RAGS" - Broadway show (commercial)
"RAGS" @ Yale (Theatrical Video Support)
"First Wife" (Theatrical Video Support)
"Walk Through the 20th Century"
David Frost Show;     Dick Cavett Show
Long Island Philharmonic Orchestra
"Mortal Coil — Voices from the Hospice"
"The Eternal Now"

Real Estate Development:

Gerald Hines - Pennzoil Building
Aetna Stonebridge Condominiums
United Development Corporation
King's Inn - International Hotel
South Street Seaport Museum
Johansen Organization (2 shows)
United State Properties
Sunflower Condominiums
Renaissance Towers
Carol Housing - Snapper Creek, FL
Buccaneer Mobile Estates
Toa Alto


Sikorsky Aircraft (95 shows)
Pratt & Whitney - United Aircraft
A.I.L. Eaton
American Airlines
Flying Tiger Line

* A red asterisk indicates utilization of ConCensus™ process independent of a multi-image or video production.