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The Company

Motiva-ConCensus, LLC emerged from its sister company, Pan:Image, Inc., which has produced over 400 multi-image and video presentations since 1976.

The Process was developed to expedite the Concept Phase of the projects. These phases proceed through Script, Sound-track, Visualization, Programming, and Presentation.

ConCensus™ enables us from the outset to define and prioritize the relevance of show elements and creative choices so that approvals flow smoothly.

This thrust us into a world of meetings and group inter-dynamics.


99 curators at the Metropolitan Museum of Art came to complete agreement on prioritization of a complex set of factors to be included in an orientation show for the entire museum (in an hour and fifteen minutes).

55 diamond merchants, in a highly competitive environment, came to consensus regarding a plan to tackle international pressures (in an hour).

75 staunchly independent managing directors at Credit Suisse First Boston squeezed into a room and actually agreed on project factors commemorating the legacy of the company (they squirmed, but they succeeded, and in less than an hour!)

64 mayors engaged in the ConCensus™ process at a 1999 meeting of the Nassau County Village Officials' Association and prioritized turn-of-the-century issues for the entire county in only 20 minutes!

85 association members of the Certified Pest Control Operators of Florida participated in a session that changed their paradigms, resulting in a massive culture shift away from price orientation and towards increased quality of their services and customer education.
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40 employees of the largest Blue-Cross, Blue Shield agency in Florida joined in seven matrices during a 'power lunch'. It occurred during the time of the annual re-negotiation of their employee arrangements. The CEO acknowledged that our system scored a "home run" after he'd been through 31 years of "never getting it right."
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400 employees of Plantation General Hospital participated in 110 ConCensus sessions resulting in "a deep cultural transformation..." The hospital was recently cited for best practice for employee engagement and empowerment.
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